Crusher Buckets

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L-CRB 301 L-CRB 501 CRB 501 CRB 601 CRB 751 CRB 951 CRB 2301

The right features

  • Can handle all types of inert material: stone, concrete and asphalt debris,mine and quarry waste.
  • Range of sizes - suitable for large and small work situations.
  • Permits debris to be re-used in situ with one easy collection-crushing operation; or crushes and loads debris for removal.
  • Built for heavy-duty applications, dependable trouble-free operation and low maintenance.
  • Wide-aperture buckets with large capacities.
  • Able to quickly crush material to sizes between 20 and 120 mm.
  • Magnet option: easy to attach to the bucket on-site, this electromagnetic iron separator comes with its own installation kit.

On site reutilization

...pick up materials and crush them directly on site. Our crushers increase your efficiency.

Crush costs

...reducing or eliminating transportation and waste disposal costs means huge savings. With our crusher bucket, your work is more competitive.