Breaker Tools

  • SC Range Medium & Heavy Range Blue Line Drilling Attachments Hydraulic Drifters
  • Pneumatic Equipment Crusher Buckets Screening Buckets

Moil Point Blunt Pyramidal Chisel Chisel+SWP Chisel DEG Chisel SG

The choice of quality and performance

Montabert genuine tools:

  • A manufacturing process controlled by Montabert
  • Design dedicated to Montabert breakers
  • Reliability ensured
  • Serious stock guaranteeing your supplies
  • A quality identified at once by the symbol:

All Montabert tools receive a coated protection, then are packaged and placed on an individual wooden frame. Each tool is delivered with a tube of tool greese

Risks when using a non genuine tool:

  • Serious damage to the breaker(improper adaptation, etc...)
  • Extra costs due to the premature wear of the breaker