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Montabert has a proud history as demolition attachment manufacturers, in fact, in 1921 they invented and manufactured the first hydraulic paving breaker. Montabert utilise this forward thinking to continue to lead the industry in cutting-edge design demolition equipment.

The Montabert rock breaker design includes a built in shock absorber to reduce vibrations transmitted to the carrier boom and cabin. With low noise emission from the Super Metro Silenced version Montabert is the ideal product for contractors working in metropolitan areas.

The all-purpose, versatile 'Silver Clip' range of light breakers can easily attach to a bucket for digging, a compacting plate for compacting, making it a three in one all-purpose tool for increased efficiencies and productivity.

Montabert manufacture breakers up to the advanced “V” models which excel in hard rock quarries by providing the right amount of energy and frequency variation to perform no matter what ground hardness.

Montabert also manufacture a range of quality demolition crushers with unique triple function jaws for breaking and crushing, cutting rebar and clearing of blocks.

In partnership with CablePrice’s sales, parts and service dealer network, IR Montabert have been breaking ground with demolition attachments that change expectations of performance, reliability, adaptability and operating costs.


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